One off jobs, recurring trips and school routes can be created with full diary based schedules, passengers, drivers, escorts, vehicle, providers, accounts and purchase order details. All routes integrate with Microsoft Bing Maps for time, distance and pick-up sequence optimisation. New trips can be quoted, amended, ordered and easily turned into live jobs.


For each passenger, the system stores multiple addresses such as home, carer, guardians and respite home all with linked Bing mapping. Photographs, special needs, medical, mobility equipment, loading times and annual assessment information for each passenger can all be entered. Schedules of all routes, drivers, preferred escorts, journey times and mileages are stored for each passenger and kept for historic analysis. Web access is available for passengers and families to enter sickness, holiday, notes, requests and other information directly into the system. Live GPS tracking can show where vehicles are in real time to help passengers and families to prepare for pick-ups and drop offs.


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